WZR fReAK. The game's official womanizer.
now I think like I have nearly always wanted to develop that "normal" type of relationships. With all that hanging, playing billiards or whatever, drinking, cuddling, having good sex with a regular partner you normally trust. But for me it has always been an upside down, it has always chanced to happen to have that out right occasional thing with a girl next door who fancied me, rather than with a girl I truly belonged with.

Thus, I always ended up with a couple of good fucks and an empty heart instead of making a happy couple, family, whatever. Or I just had some good fucks with no strings attached. Daaaamn that was just like that whole my life.

And now I really push myself and try hard to establish those good, positive relationships, which can work out here and there, I m really trying to establish the relationships that can do perfectly fine with me.
Tomorrow s the one more date.
Bless me a good luck,


Kidding, your
Come all off
Hehe :)))